Work Spaces

Perfect for work spaces Glass Apps® Switchable Film and Glass are deliberately designed with aesthetics in mind.


Glass Apps® transforming your existing glass or new glass into a dynamic glass that allows users to control privacy, IR heat, light and glare.


Get Glass Apps® Smart Film and Smart Glass to immediately add a hygienic solution to the typical privacy requirements needed in healthcare.

Higher Education

Glass Apps® allows natrual sunlight enter the classroom with out excessive glares and heat.


Glass Apps® can change beautiful storefront into dramatic projection display.

Company Overview

Glass Apps® is the leading provider of Switchable Glass and Smart Film that turns from clear and opaque states on demand providing unprecedented control over the amount of light, privacy and heat that enters a space.  Additionally, windows that use Glass Apps® Smart Glass or film do not need blinds, shades or other window treatments, thus providing unobstructed views for the occupants.

That’s just the beginning. Our finished glass and film is also a novel platform for projection and touchscreen effects that can transform store windows, showrooms and any glass surface into dramatic video displays. Available as a glass, film, or even adhesive, our products can bring these exciting effects to any new or existing glass surface.


Sq Ft of Glass Apps® Installed

Conservative estimation since 2011

Featured Glass Apps® Clients


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