Switchable. Dimmable. Projectable

Glass Apps is the worlds #1 provider of electrically switchable glass and smart film that changes from clear and opaque states on demand and provides unprecedented control over the amount of light, privacy and heat that enters the building or residence. Additionally, windows that use Glass Apps smart glass or film do not need blinds, shades or other window treatments, thus providing unobstructed views for the occupants.

That’s just the beginning. Our finished glass and film is also a novel platform for projection and touchscreen effects that can transform store windows, showrooms, and any glass surface into dramatic video displays. Available as a glass, film, or even adhesive, our products can bring these exciting effects to literally any new or existing glass surface.

Available as a Glass, Film, or Adhesive.
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Product Applications
Technical Specifications (All Products)
Standard Sizes (custom sizes available)
3ft 2.6in (width) x 10ft 6in (length)
3ft 11.2in (width) x 10ft 6in (length)
UV block: more than 98%
Solar reduction: 40%
Operating temperature: -68°F ~ 140°F
Power consumption: 0.65W per sqft
Switching Speed : Less than 10 miliseconds
Colors (film)
White, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Light Blue
Switchable Smart Glass
All of our three products are based on the same Liquid Crystal technology that allows glass to electronically switch between transparent and opaque states. They also share the same characteristics of being switchable, dimmable, and projectable.

Liquid Crystal Glass
Switchable Glass Film
Smart Glass Film
Finished Smart Glass
Switchable glass that features two planes of glass, two sheets of interlayer, and a PD-LCD layer. This laminated structure provides immense strength that won’t shatter when damaged.

Lamination Film
A switchable interlayer film suitable for glass manufacturers and custom applications.

Adhesive Smart Film
Our adhesive product can be easily applied to existing glass transforming it into a switchable window, projection screen, or interactive store front display.

Endless possibilities:
Privacy, partitioning, heat management, & display advertising.
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Never compromise design and aesthetics for heat management or privacy considerations. Transform existing windows into switchable privacy glass with our self adhesive film product.

In office environments, glass walls encourage a sense of openness and help breakdown the divisions between management and staff. Keep it open and forget clunky blinds and drapes. Our switchable glass turns privacy mode on at a click of a button for conference rooms and offices. Use in hotels and restaurants to maximize space and privacy.

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Store Front
Transform store front windows with eye catching full motion graphics for a fraction of the cost of LCD Displays.

Turn large surfaces into dazzling show reels or create unique on/off transparency displays for show rooms, trade shows, and exhibitions.

Screen & Interactive
Utilizing beam projectors, our glass acts as a screen for video, touchscreen interactive, and motion sensing displays. Designers and architects go further than advertising by using our glass’s unique properties in the creation of dazzling dynamic spaces.

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Why Clients Choose Glass Apps:
– Superior clarity
– Product quality and performance (operates in lower temperatures)
– Unique adhesive film product for easy application to existing glass
– Fast and accurate shipping
– Fanatical customer service and sales support

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We offer liquid crystal replacement glass or film that easily applies to existing glass for privacy, temperature and light management used in commercial building and residential spaces. Blocks 98% of UV Light.
Conference Room & Partitioning
ON/OFF and dimmable control for privacy, partitioning, and aesthetic enhancements. Keep your executive office spaces feeling open while, at the touch of a switch, making the same spaces completely private.
Store Front, Video Display & Advertising
Turn glass into a projection display surface for advertising utilizing rear projection. Even transform your store windows into interactive touchscreens.
Interactive, Motion Sense & Patterning
Create eye-catching patterning and motion sense effects or touch screen interactive experiences. Utilize our glass for dynamic architectural and design applications with electronically programmable effects.